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 - Participants must read the Notices, Terms, and Rules of the race clearly before joining the race.

- Participants must do a medical check up if not sure about health condition before joining the race.

- Terms and Rules of the race is made for create and direct the race on a large scale, make sure the safety of all participants and all parts of the race.

- All payments is can't refund (non-refundable).

- Committee can refuse the registration from everyone which use fake or not true information, didn't the payment, or not complete the race terms.


    1. Registration can access the website: https//:siksorogo.id. Receipt will send from e-mail after participant complete all the terms.

    2. If the Participant not receive the receipt in 5 (five) days after registration, please contact Us.

    3. Participant must complete registration data with accurate information (include birth date). Participation of participant can reserve if the information that gave is not accurate. The wrong information is can reserve the race result and the awards.

    4. Participant which registrated must to collect the BIB number that include the timing chip and souvenir ( Race Pack) on the predetermined place with show the mandatory gears, receipt and identity card (that mentioned in receipt).


    1. Especially for the participant 50K and 80K must aged 18 years old or more. Participant which underage, in the day of race must submit the parental consent letter.

    2. Committee can do a verification of participant age before, during and after race. Exception for this case only can based on consent of the committee.

    3. Participant must bring medical letter which made on November 25th until December 2nd 2023 as the race term. Medical letter must bring on race pack and BIB number collection. 

    4. Participant must show the Mandatory Gears on Race Pack Collection as term of the race.

    5. Committee can disqualify for participant that not complete the race terms.

    6. Committee can close the registration if the quota is full, include for early bird and normal price.

    7. Registration will processed after finish the payment.

    8. Participant which join the race is participant that did the registration from website: https//:siksorogo.id. Take over or selling the race registration is not apply without confirmation from the race committee. Committee will be canceling the participant registration if there have a take over indication or selling this registration.

    9. The payment is can't refund (non-refundable).

    10. Committee can limit and refuse the registration with no reason.

    11. Committee can refuse the registration if the participant give a wrong information, didn't the payment, or not complete the race terms in registration form.

    12. Committee will canceling the race if there condition beyond the control of committee, such as nature disasters, heavy rain, thunderstorms, epidemic, riots, or any condition that is too danger for the participants.

    13. If the race is canceled with the reason because beyond the control of committee. Which mentioned in constitution article 9, the Committee can't refund the payment that received and the Committee is have not responsibility or obligation for this case.

    14. Trail sport is not sport with no risk, therefore every Runner must to make sure about health condition is fine before and during the race. Every Runner have a responsibility about their health. With join the race, the Runner is considered to understand about the risk of race. Committee haven't responsibility about accident or death during or after the race that happened by the participant which not complete the condition that mentioned. Expect if that accident or death as result of willful negligence by the Committee.

    15. Committee will not to allow or disqualify the participant that are not healthy enough to join the race.

    16. Committee will disqualify the participant or canceled the race result as there a violation or not. Committee must not refund the registration payment on this case.


    1. The Race is opened for Male or Female with age 18 years old or more on the day of race, with healthy condition.

    2. 80 KM category: Participant must finished trail race with 50 KM of range minimum.

    3. 50 KM category: Participant must finished trail race with 25 KM of range minimum.

    4. 5 KM, 15 KM & 30 KM category: There is no qualification needed, but attention the Siksorogo Lawu Ultra have a hard route, the Runner MUST to self prepare physically and psychology. And recommended to read more about terms of race.

    5. Committee have a special right to apply or reject the registration, include for give dispensation (with careful consideration) to every participant that not complete the qualifications.


      1. Every participant must run on the predefined route by the Committee.

      2. Every participant disobeying the directives, instructions from race committee, safety guard or marshal (together with officer), Participant that not sportive, or offended by speech the committee, The participants or visitors can disqualified from the Race by the officer.

      3. Every participant that found to be dishonest or cut the route by the Officer will disqualified from the race.

      4. Medical help from an official medical officer of the race will not result the participant being disqualified. If the Participant is in unhealthy condition when the race or after the race and the participant get the medical attention from an official medical officer, so the participant is required to provided detailed information to the committee.


        1. All of participants will get the BIB that are installed the timing chip. Participant must to use the BIB in accordance with the established instructions by the committee.

        2. Gun Time is the time that use to determine the grand prize.

        3. Time record for the general participant will determined by Timing Chip (gun time) since the participant crossing the starting line until the finish line.

        4. Participants must to use BIB that there a timing chip correctly in accordance with the rule from the committee, start on starting line until finish line.

        5. Participant that use more one BIB will disqualified and the time record is will not recorded.

        6. Participant that are losing the BIB and timing chip will be disqualified.

        CHANGES the TERMS of RACE

        1. Committee can to modified, add or consider the race terms.

        2. Participant will be bound for all of changes the terms that assigned by the committee.

        3. Failure on complete the terms, include the changes is can disqualification and revocation the prize and time record.


        Participants with all consider, releasing, and state to will not prosecute the Committee and will release the Committee and everything related with the Committee for all of responsibility, claim, or losses that may arise or related with registration or participation the participants on Siksorogo Lawu Ultra 2023.